Lucy London was named after my childhood dog and best friend, Lucy. She was a beautiful, black Labrador who loved food and always had a waggly tail. As Lucy got older, her lovely black furry muzzle turned silver, and that is how Lucy London was born. Now I work each day in the office with my beautiful dogs at my feet, quite literally, doing the thing I love. What more could a person ask for?

Lucy London was born out of my love for Lucy, and when I lost her it broke my heart. I wanted something that I could take with me, everywhere and anywhere, that reminded me of her. I wanted a piece of her with me, always, and so I created my very first charm pendant, a Labrador. I didn't want a little charm which slightly resembled her, I wanted something that looked exactly like her, and so for months and months I worked on a design to do just that. After a lot of trial and error, I finally succeeded in creating my Labrador charm pendant. I finally had my own Lucy London and I absolutely loved it.

Having fell in love with my Labrador charm pendant so quickly, I wanted to share that same experience with dog lovers everywhere. I want you to be able to keep a little piece of your best friend by your side wherever you go, wherever they are. That is when I decided to make charm pendants for as many breeds as I could, and I continue to do so. All of the charm pendants I design are made in the UK and are made from solid sterling silver, each with their own makers mark to verify their quality.

I hope you love our designs as much as I do.

Yolanda Parker, Founder @ Lucy London