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Miniature Sculpture Jewellery


silver schnauzer pendant made by silver lucy

Here at Silver Lucy London we create miniature sculpture jewellery so beautiful and detailed that they could spring to life at any moment.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our creations, so much so that it can take up to 6 months to design and perfect each design.

We also only use the finest materials, such as solid 925 sterling silver and gold, in fact, everything we do is aimed at creating the finest, most highly detailed creature pendants imaginable. This is why each of our pendants are designed and handmade in the United Kingdom, the home of Silver Lucy.

The United Kingdom is rightfully known for having some of the most talented jewellery crafters in the world, and it is important to us that we utilise those talents and stay true to the our origins.

Our promise to you is that all Silver Lucy miniature sculpture jewellery is and will remain designed and handmade in the United Kingdom, using only the finest materials and talents.

Silver Lucy London